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2015 ochirly Fun Fashion event in Guangzhou Grandview Mall

April 18 -19, 2015, ochirly held a themetic event of Disney in Guangzhou Grandview Mall store, where the Disney Collection by ochirly was firstly opened to public. During the event, model display, instant photo-taking and special offers created a best shopping experience tour, successfully drew attention of customers and received high praise.

2014 VIP DAY in Beijing

The fashion feast specially featured for VIPs - the ochirly VIP Day event have been held in 4 cities : Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, of which had been rewarded high recognition from ochirly VIPs with aspects of professional model shows, snapshot taking, and best look competition. In order to continue the influence of ochirly VIP Day, Shanghai and Beijing stops specially invited one of the authority from fashion industry - Roth Lai, Vice Director of ELLE magazine, and Ms. Ma La, the editor-in-chief of iLady U+ magazine, to share the latest Fall/Winter fashion trends with all VIPs during the fashion seminars. What's more, the Beijing Stop invited Ms. Zhang Jingchu participated in the event and experienced the prior VIP service.

2014 Perfect Bridal Event

July 26th, the grand ceremony of "Perfect Customized Wedding" brought by ochirly and fashion magazine Vogue, was held in Chateau de Versailles Hall of Palace De Elysee in Shanghai. The invited VIPs participated with enthusiasm and witnessed the shining moment of ochirly Evening Dress Collection.

2014 Guangzhou Grand View Mall VIP DAY

April 19th, 2014, ochirly held a VIP day party named Just For You in Guangzhou Grand View Mall. The event achieved great success in appealing a lot of invited VIPs to participate. During the event with VIPs, ochirly shared the latest brand news and exhibited the summer five collections garments. At the same time, ochirly provided the summer fashion dress up experience and snapshots for VIPs to memorise the beautiful moment of that day. Every modern and gorgeous lady had so much fun and joy in the party.

Opening ceremony miniparty 2012 Wanxiang,Shenzhen

On September 16, 2012, ochirly, Five Plus and TRENDIANO, the three brands under Trend Group held a part themed 'Enjoy Your Fashion Style' in Wanxiang Shenzhen. The live bands from Europe and America playing music full of passion, the fashionable street photography and artistic shops gave the guests a wonderful afternoon. 

Opening ceremony miniparty 2011 Taiguhui Flagship Store

Trendy International Group, together with ochirly, Five Plus and TRENDIANO held a fashion mini party themed “Enjoy Your Fashion Style” in the brand new Taiguhui Flagship Store. Accompanied by the passionate music played by the live bands from Europe and America, ochirly guided the guests to appreciate the brand new shop art, wandering about in the music and art space.

Opening ceremony of ZhengDa Square Store

Aroma of dress and shadow of eyes, grace of luxuries and romance of light, it is a shining stage of brilliant stars. On the opening ceremony of new flagship store of world known women’s brand, ochirly, in first floor of ZhengDa Square, Shanghai, super stars Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming attended to celebrate the grand opening of new stores.

New store is of more than 600m2, with the brand spirit of pop art and fashion together, the retro and luxury European construction style is integrated with modern international decoration to prompt an unparallel mode of conception store. The vision impact purple plum is affixed with elegant and noble walnut, even the crystal lights, retro mirror and wall paper, all those reminiscence and elegance of artwork crafts are laid over in a bright and modern surrounding, MIX & MATCH creativities is showing us an extraordinary taste of fashion in brand.

Unique VIP room by ochirly is of grace and elegance in European palace style to build up an exquisite and noble ambience. Apart from the new and handpicked fashion garments, the sofa of Baroque era and vinyl music, all of those construct a touchable post-luxury shopping experience. For the joy of special star service only by ochirly brand, what you need to do is to join in ochirly VIP membership.